MDF painting: why is it trending?

MDF painting is becoming more and more desirable service in today’s market. As we are providing a service of professional MDF painting for any kind business, we are here today to answer you the most frequent questions that this type of service receives: how is MDF special? What are the specifics of MDF board? To these and other question we will answer in this article.

Where is MDF used?

At home

Usually MDF (shortened version of Medium-Density Fiberboard) is used for manufacturing various home-used furniture. Specifically, the majority of those boards are used for making furniture for kitchens and dress rooms. For example, these are: cupboard doors, kitchen surfaces, i.e. dining table surface or cupboard surface, shelves, drawers, lockers, etc.

At work

At the same time MDF is widely used in producing shopping equipment and shopping furniture. There are various expositional shelves, stands, displays and holders made. Products made from MDF are so on demand due to its firmness, solidity and stableness.

Why MDF is currently trending in the market?

Easy to take care

Furniture at home that are made from MDF are very easy to take care of – it is simple to paint it, requires very little effort to clean and take care of it. In addition, specifications of a furniture stay unchanged for a long time as well as it keeps its brand-new look for a prolonged time.

Humidity proof technology

Majority of furniture that are made from MDF boards are humidity proof. This is the primary reason why this type of wood finds its way to human home. In the bathroom, where air humidity is high, the furniture made from MDF keep their functionality and specifications. Similarly, if many of your kitchen furniture are made from MDF, you can be relaxed even if you pour a glass of water on your dining table – MDF is more resistant to water than many other materials. Of course, we strongly advise you to ask your supplier whether type of MDF that you have at home is really humidity proof.

Fire retardant

There are some types of MDF that are used particularly in industrial shops as they have specification of being more fire retardant than other materials. Specifically, this attribute may be a tool to prevent fire in s a shop at some level.

All the wooden materials have their own pros and cons. Our experience shows, that for people who want to combine good price, satisfying quality and easy care – MDF is a really great choice.

In our company we are providing MDF wet painting service during which your MDF board will be painted professionally and in your desired colour. If you have any further questions or you would like to consult or order an MDF painting service, feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to help you find a perfect solution!


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