Shop fittings, shop equipment

For 19 years the company “Lazertechas” have been producing commercial equipment (furniture) and carrying out non-standard advertising production services for Lithuanian and foreign clients. We have recently renewed our manufacturing base in order to satisfy customers with only high quality services and products. We will continue to be a leader in the field of shop equipment.

Our main goal – to help your company to become modern and visibe in today’s vibrant market by providing you only the highest quality services.

Furnitrue for sweets - super market Norfa
Gondolas and wall shelfs for alcohol
Gift island from painted MDF
Commercial equipment​
Commercial equipment​
Commercial equipment​

Commercial equipment

Commercial equipment is a significant part of every company’s self-image, strongly influencing the success of the business. Commercial equipment production – it is a process that requires creativity, ingenuity, use of high technologies and of course professionalism. 

We produce commercial furniture, commercial islands, stands, point of purchase stands, point of sale stands, promotional stands. We decorate commercial equipment with various advertising products. Our services are used by major Lithuanian company Maxima LT, Norfa retail, Vičiūnai group, the “IKI” shopping centers, leader in distribution and logistics SANITEX and many other Lithuanian companies.

Display stands and point of purchase (POP) stands

Different technologies are applied in our company that help to implement various nonstandard projects. Thanks to these technologies, products of different design can be produced.

Options of plastic colors ensure exceptionalness of the products, therefore your product becomes visible for the final users. Offered options of different colors allows us achieve great results.

Display stands
Point of purchase (POP) stands
Point of purchase (POP) stands
UV printing
Mild solvent printing

Printing servicies

Printing services – it is a process that is necessary both for natural and for legal persons. We have several printing plants in the production base of our company.

MUTOH Blizzard” film printing machine. UV printing machine on rigide surface VUTEC.

Visual internal and external advertising production

These days it is difficult to imagine a world without the bright, eye-catching advertising. We produce visual internal and external advertising signs from simple to complex design advertising. We produce commercial equipment, commercial islands, exhibition stands and promotional stands, advertising production….