About us

Joint-stock company “Lazertechas”, proceeding from year 2000, provides customized and serial production services both for Lithuanian and abroad clients. Qualified designers, production managers with technical education and production realization professionals work in the company.

Recently, after evident update of the technical base, company is making efforts to become a leader in the fields of cutting, print-making and thermal bending. Professionals of “Lazertechas” not only provides services for promotional, trading and other equipment producers, but also they themselves are engineering, creating various products, unique design furniture pieces, expositional equipment.

We produce various commercial equipment made of plastic, wood and metal. Our produced non-standard equipment help the clients achieve demanded trading results. Thanks to new technologies we format our produced products with different logotypes, incrustation, photographs. Because of new technologies applied in the production there is a possibility to produce exceptional (visible, audible) holders, evoking interest of the users.

We produce external and internal promotional production of different types. All equipment necessary for promotional production is available in the company. Thanks to this equipment we can implement various nonstandard project. We can produce different size advertisements.

We are always waiting for individual and specific your requirements or offers in order to improve quality of our services. Our motivated personnel shall satisfy your needs in a quick and qualified way.

Our mission – to help your brand to be visible in nowadays market!

Main goals of JSC “Lazertechas”:

  • High qualification level of the personnel;
  • High quality of the provided services and offered products;
  • Good work results.
  • Versatility!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!