How to measure outdoor advertising effectiveness?

Even though times are changing, and more and more companies are choosing digital advertising as their primary advertising tool, traditional outdoor advertising is still very valuable for businesses: it is easy to reach wide audiences, is perfectly seen, it cannot be hidden by AdBlock and is still very competitive with other tools of advertising. However, companies usually find difficulties in answering question – how to measure the effectiveness of their outdoor ad? We will answer this question in this article.

What is a goal of your outdoor advertising?

Before measuring an effectiveness of outdoor advertising, it is important to clearly understand a goal of it. Many companies are choosing outdoor advertising as a tool to inform their customers, to expand their buyer audience and increase sales. This is a brand awareness-oriented goal.

Others are choosing this tool to inform their warm audience (the ones who are already familiar with a brand) about some changes. For example, there is a new shop opening of a brand X in the neighbourhood. Marketers are buying a billboard to inform their buyers about an opening. This is a local outdoor advertising type.


How can outdoor advertising effectiveness can be measured?

Calls and website visits

Calls or website visits – if in the ad there is a call to action to call or visit a website, then all the calls and new visits can be calculated after a start of an outdoor ad.

Store visits

If your ad is local, with a goal to inform (just like in a previous example given about a newly opening shop) – then you can count visits in your store. The number of visits is not entirely precise, unless you will choose to count it wisely. For example, you can give every new client who came into your shop an attribute with your brand. If your attributes run down faster than a day ends, this means your ad fulfilled its goal.

Number of purchases

If your goal is, for example, to sell tickets to an event, then of course a measure is a number of sold tickets. Keep in mind, that sometimes there is a complex ad used in such a situation: digital, outdoor ad and radio/TV ads. Then measure the effectiveness of all the tools used in total.


As you may have noticed, usually companies choose outdoor advertising with a goal to sell or inform their audiences. Maybe this type of advertising does not bring that precise numbers of results, but you will still notice its effectiveness and a goal fulfilment. Very clear goals and detailed analysis afterwards is a way to turn an outdoor advertising into your primary source of advertising in a business.


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