Outdoor advertising can be principal as well as supplementary measure of information dissemination. It is especially effective in big cities and its attraction grows with population and number of cars every day.  In the flow of colorful city, the outdoor advertising must be neat, informative, attract attention and inflame interest. That is the advertising that we create.

Our experience helps to provide a customer from creating till project adjustment, mounting and maintenance. Each project, irrelevant how large or complicated it is, shall be carried out in a rational and quality way. The client must be satisfied with designed advertisement.  We can offer you the most suitable solution for formatting the outdoor advertising. Our designed advertisements decorate supermarkets, coffees, stores and advertise famous trademarks.

NEW  What is worth to know!

UV printing technology is used to create outdoor advertising – it’s printing on hard and flexible surfaces (for ex.: laminate, glass, mirror, plastic, ceramics, plywood, wood, metal, stone, diverse cloth etc.).

Direct to surface printing. Ultraviolet ray helps to solidify paint and high quality image remain resistant to mechanical effects.

Our technologies enable us to offer a full range of advertising services from the first hands. We are creating non standard projects, consulting, selecting materials and offering solutions under customers’ needs.