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Next time you walk inside a shop notice how all the products are placed on the shelves – ones are higher, others are lower. Notice lights inside a shop – in one section this might be bright white, in second – warm yellow, in other – blueish. All these factors are thoroughly thought! Merchandisers are usually using practices of how to design their shop and what shopping equipment to choose in order to sell products more easily!

It’s important that a person who creates your shop interior would not only sense aesthetics, but also would have some knowledge of how to sell more effectively. In this article we will help you understand what steps to take now for your profits to go higher in the future!


Who is visiting our shop?

The first question that is necessary to answer to small, medium and large businesses – who is visiting our store, or who we would like to visit? In other words – who is your target customer?

It’s important not only to know demographics of your target customer, such as gender, age and living location, but also psychographics:

  • What does my customer do in his/her leisure time?
  • What colors does she/he like generally? In stores?
  • At what circumstances does my customer buys online? When does he/she visit brick and mortar store?
  • What pushes my customer to buying decision?
  • And other

The more detailed will be your understanding about your customer, the easier it will be to have shopping equipment and shopping interior that a person would like.

Look for inspiration

Once you have detailed target customer research done, surf the internet, walk around various shops and notice, what details, what shopping furniture, what lights would satisfy your customer. Write down everything.

Then think about what could you improve? What is missing?

Include all senses

Even though people have their visual sense developed the most, it is still important not to forget other four. Including all senses in user communication with your product will ensure a better memory about your product.

Think whether in your shop there is:

  • Visual details? Is it interesting to look at your shop from a regular passer-by point of view?
  • Smell? Is there a good smell inside your store?
  • Are there any items to touch?
  • Is there a nice music playing?
  • Have you provided opportunity to taste? It is not necessary, of course, but some businesses have a bowl of candies next to a cashier – there is a purpose for it!

These are just few recommendations, but you can make them real now and see how this influence your profits.

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