Outdoor advertising: does your business need one?

Why there is such a significant number of businesses that choose outdoor advertising over other forms of advertising services and products? What makes it so popular? Is it true that cost per thousand views is the least in outdoor advertising in comparison with other channels? Read this article and get familiar with these consideration worthy reasons about outdoor marketing.

What types of ads belong to outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is considered to be those ads that reach people’s vision as soon as they leave their home. This can be:

  • Ads at a bus stop
  • Ads on the radio or television
  • Movie trailer before a film start at a cinema
  • Tents
  • Ads on vehicles
  • Bright letters on shopping centres
  • And many more.

Therefore, outdoor advertising is thought to be one of the most successful and leading to shopping decision tool of advertising.

Pros of outdoor advertising

People after they leave home are surrounded by interesting and constantly changing surroundings – they tend to analyse and notice it, including seeing the ads on their way to work. During the traffic jam there’s a lot of time to look around. That is the reason why so many billboards are placed near the round-about and traffic lights. It is all created to catch attention of a bored driver!

Improves engagement in other channels

After seeing an advertisement that caught attention, people are likely to visit brand’s website or social media, thus, to engage and communicate with a brand. There are two wins – not only brand awareness, but also consideration part, where a person is engaged with a brand.

The smallest cost per thousand views

Even though this type of advertising is not cheap, it has some huge benefits later. Surprisingly, this type of advertisement is the cheapest one comparing with other channels about the price that you would have to pay for thousand views. With outdoor advertising you can easily and cheaply reach up to thousands and hundreds of thousands of people.

Great tool to compete

Thoroughly analyse what does your competitor advertise and provide your market a better, more influential ad which would have clear call-to-action. This is a chance for you to show your more professional and more confident side of yours that your competitor. It’s a fair game!

We really hope that if you were doubting before reading this article, you are not anymore. We hope we provided you decent amount of reasons why to choose this type of advertising, promote your business, and to win.

If you have an idea about outdoor advertising in your mind, feel free to contact us and we will be more that happy to make your idea come real!


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