5 steps you must consider before buying a display stand

These days when all the companies are trying to stand out of the crowd, to look better than their competitors, a paradox happens – among majority of businesses who talk the most, everyone looks the same for the customer.  Honestly, it’s not easy for a regular consumer nowadays to distinguish the stand who leaves the best impression. People advice not to judge the book from its cover, but how not to, if the main goal of majority of businesses is to stick in people’s mind.

So how to leave the best first impression? How to represent yourself? What information to give? How to reach a potential customer, engage him, educate him and, of course, include him into the marketing channel of a company?


1. Think twice about the goods you will exhibit

Sometimes businesses get lost in the variety of products or services they have and end up in promoting everything that they have, expecting customers to select more from the majority. Contrary, people stop buying at all. Of course, it is important to provide a customer an ability to choose. Do not take this message literary – provide an ability to choose from a few, not from everything. According to the size of a stand, choose which products to show. The best average is 1 to 3 goods per stand. The bigger choice, the lower chances for a visitor to convert to a customer.

2. Evaluate the size of a space and its surroundings

Not everywhere you will fit with a stand which has standard dimension. Usually, its better to measure the plot you will have before ordering a stand in order not to end up having a stand that does not fit  anywhere. In addition, do not forget to look at the surroundings of the place you will have. Stand design changes a lot depending where it will be placed – in the corner, in the center, or in the edge of an area. Also, what are the other products that are exhibited nearby? Does your vision of a stand match the others, or does it stand out? Finally, estimate the height of the ceiling. Sometimes approximate evaluation is not correct at all, and you might end up having a stand that is too big.

3. Give a reason for your customer to stop

You have already won if your customer stopped for a minute to look closer at your stand. Now there is only the matter of convincing. It is important to use the visuals properly. Experiment with fonts, text sizes, cursives, bolds and colors. Do not forget to play with a light. Use informative, emotion bringing photos. Your goal is to provide the most information about yourself in the most minimal effort.

4. Always seek for the profit

It is unnecessary to spend all the money for creating the stand that would stick in people’s minds. In our company Lazertechas we will help you to reduce the cost but still to reach the maximum result. We are always ready to negotiate about the price that you would be satisfied. We are looking for a long-lasting partnership with your business, so we are more than happy to offer you the best conditions possible.


5. Tell a story

After you will decide how to represent yourself, take care of the message that you will transmit via your stand. Use slogans which represent you company’s values. Do not forget to add a logo and to use a palette of logo colors in the whole design. Finally, enhance memories for your customers – let the surroundings and the stand itself remind people their home, work, school, university or other meaningful place. That is the way to enhance deep feelings and you will be sure that your clients will come back to you.

If you have any questions or you came up with the idea that you would like to make real, contact our team and together we will find the best solution possible!

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