Capturing potential client’s attention is the first step to take if you want to sell your goods. Make that first step right with eye-catching lightboxes.

What are lightboxes?

Lightboxes are a type of both indoor and outdoor advertising. Usually, these are luminous two-dimensional or three-dimensional LED boxes with letters, logos, or other symbols. Lightboxes are one of the most popular retail advertising solutions in the market due to its cost-effectiveness, energy-saving features, and durability. LED lighting usually (but not necessarily) integrated into the box helps your brand name stand out from the crowd even at dark periods of time.

Lightboxes can be made from high variety of materials or the combination of a few, such as glass, aluminum, plastic, stainless steel, and other material, depending on the project you have in mind.

Choose advertising with LED lightbox:

  • They are durable, sustainable and will last you for decades,
  • They are energy efficient – LED is significantly cheaper than fluorescent lighting,
  • They can be of the exact shape, color, and materials your business prefers,
  • They are environmentally friendly – materials are highly durable; LED lighting requires very little resources.
    Choose this solution if your brand values include sustainability and reduction of carbon footprint.

Why to partner up with LAZERTECHAS?

By partnering up with us, Lazertechas, you receive a 20+ years of experience in the field that helps us to:

  • understand your specific needs so we can custom tailor the product to you,
  • provide you with the high quality, durable and satisfactory final product,
  • provide you the largest variety of colours, materials and combinations,
  • offer you a cost-effective service on time,
  • provide you with the consultations, production, installation and maintenance throughout the whole collaboration time.

Let your brand name reach its audience. Choose lightbox advertising to develop your in-store and outdoor image, attract new customers, and enjoy the long-lasting return.

Contact our team today and let’s have a productive conversation.