Wide format printing opportunities for your business

Wide format printing is a popularity gaining and trustworthy technology that competes with other formats of printing in today’s market. There are many companies that want higher quality and more complex solutions than their regular printers can provide. Wide format printing services become a perfect solution to fulfil everyone’s needs.

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What is a wide format printing?

This type of printing is very popular among many companies that value high quality printing results and choose unique and complex decorating solutions. In our company we currently have Mutoh Blizzard wide-format printers and can print these types of surfaces:

  • awning (outdoor and indoor advertising, awning),
  • light-dissipating adhesive film (light box),
  • paper (posters),
  • photo paper (large format photos),
  • deco mesh (interior decoration and shop-windows),
  • sticky gloss, matte, transparent film (various sizes and shapes of stickers),
  • perforated film (window decoration, window decoration of public transport),
  • car film (advertising on vehicle),
  • canvas (printed art photographs or image reproduction).

Can you use wide format printing for your business needs?

Indoor interior details

Wide format printing is commonly used among various companies from various types of fields. Cafes and restaurants, for example, usually use this printing service for decorating interior details as well as walls. This creates cosy atmosphere and later are highly appreciated by customers.

Trade shows

Many companies are choosing wide-format printing when going to various exhibitions, events, and trade shows where they are promoting their brand or a company. During such events, high quality in every aspect of a company is highly appreciated, therefore, wide format printing can be very beneficial.

Creative solutions

When creating an interior of children spaces in various buildings, wide format printing is the one that is very popular to choose. Such printing let’s make any kind of ideas come real.

Raising brand awareness

Wide format printing is a must tool to choose for creation of advertisements that would be beneficial for raising business’s awareness and gaining familiarity of a brand. For example, ads on cars, trucks, various tents, displays and banner ads – these are tools that can be smartly used to gain interest in your brand.

Where to start if I have a concept of an ad in my mind?

If you have an idea – that’s great! We are sure we will be able to help you in making your ideas come real. Only thing you need to do is to write an inquiry or call our team members and we will be more than happy to satisfy you with realized idea.


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