Wave UV printing technology revolutionized the public advertising industry

The specialists of advertising production proclaim that potential UV printing machines, capable to print on hard, flexible and soft surfaces, soon will change conventional silkscreen or solvent printing.


Ready for the market

Company’s “Lazartechas” director Dainius Slavinskas said that customers, ordering advertising screens, stands, interior details and other items, request a UV printing technologies product because of the durability, capacity to replace images on various surfaces.

“80 % of our customers are foreign enterprises, who already know UV printing advantages.  According to clients’ responses and needs, the idea to invest in to expensive UV printing equipment has proved. We have no doubt that soon this technology will become the major equipment in advertising production market in Lithuania and other countries“, – says D. Slavinskas.

What is so special about UV printing?

UV printing technology allows printing images on hard, soft and flexible surfaces until 2 m length and 5 cm thickness. UV printing machine, after receiving data from the computer, prints image on laminate, glass, mirror, plastic, ceramics, plywood, wood, metal, stone and various cloth.  “For some customers we print painting reproductions on canvas, as well as different images on rollers, kitchen furniture, even the door surroundings. However, the most popular is printing on glass, for example: currently we are printing eligible paintings on glass tables for one Scandinavian hotel“, – D. Slavinskas named UV technologies practice examples.

With conventional solvent technology, image is printed on film, which is glued on surface. “This process takes some time and requires employee skills, also there is a possibility that the film will be bumpy, there will be air bubbles and scratched surface. All that can be avoided by using UV printing technology”, – said director.

How does UV printing work?

UV printing machine sprays paints on surface and dries it sharply by UV rays. Therefore, photo, text or other data is transferred on selected surface quickly and precisely. It can be printed 80mper hour and with 1800 dpi resolution, depending on printing quality. Also various effects can be transmitted: shining, relief, 3D. “Designers have a lot of possibilities to create eye-catching furniture, interior details and promotional signs from any cloth. Our American UV printer VUTEK QS is one of the best, fastest and most innovative in the market“, – says D. Slavinskas.


With UV printing technology, image replaced on any surface is more resistant to scratches, temperature alternation; therefore it always remains bright and fadeless for years. “Regarding these obvious advantages, productivity and extensive applications, UV printing technology increases its shares in worldwide market. According to the producers, each year UV technology intercepts silkscreen printing 30% of the market” – said D. Slavinskas.

“Lazertechas” is ready for market changes

Company “Lazartechas”, operating more than a decade, is an advertising, commerce and exposure equipment producer leader in Lithuania. Designers, depending on clients’ request, plan products and offer ideas to best present customers’ business.

Company has advanced and always up to date technical base. The managers and specialists have technical education and a lot of experience.

„Lazertechas“is one of the most innovative companies in Lithuania who has all major promotional production technologies in its manufacturing base. It uses laser engraving and cutting equipment, CNC milling, automatic thermal bending and vacuum technologies, broadsheet UV and mild solvent printing.