Let your brand be seen from far away. Capture potential clients’ attention, direct the ones searching for you, and increase your overall business visibility with pylons.

What are pylons?

A pylon sign is a freestanding sign, a very typical type of outdoor advertising. Pylons are usually made from aluminium or stainless steel and has a rigid foundation. Pylons are usually tall so that a passer-by notices them from far away (usually a driving distance).

Pylons are commonly used for accommodation services, shopping centers, gas stations, hospitals, parking lots and many other physical properties that require clearly showing the entrance or direction.

Let your potential and current clients know where to find you. Provide a hassle-free experience with your business by using pylon advertising.

Choose pylon advertising:

  • They are tall, easy to notice – instantly grab people’s attention,
  • They are a great solution to direct your customers to right direction if your physical store is difficult to find,
  • They are resistant to various weather conditions (snow, wind, rain and sun proof),
  • They can be lit with LED lighting to attract people even at night,
  • They are durable and will last you for decades.

Why to partner up with LAZERTECHAS?

By partnering up with us, Lazertechas, you receive a 20+ years of experience in the field that helps us to:

  • understand your specific needs so we can custom tailor the product to you,
  • provide you with the high quality, durable and satisfactory final product,
  • provide you the largest variety of colours, materials and combinations,
  • offer you a cost-effective service on time,
  • provide you with the consultations, production, installation and maintenance throughout the whole collaboration time.

Help your clients find you. Choose outdoor pylon advertising to strengthen your brand recognition and enjoy the long-lasting return.

Contact our team today and let’s have a productive conversation.