Channel letters and signs

Distinct business starts from catching your potential client’s eyes. Strengthen a professional business image with high-quality, noticeable channel letters and signs.

What are channel letter and signs?

Signs and channel letters are custom-made three-dimensional letters and symbols used on public, commercial buildings. These distinct signs allow you to easily attract potential customer to a physical store, increase your brand recognition and allows your business to stand out in the market.

Channel letters are mainly made from aluminium, plastic, stainless steel, banner systems, or the combination of a few. These sings can also be lit using LED lighting to capture attention of the passers-by even at late evenings.

These signs are marked as standard Profiles P00-P11 – the assurance of top product quality.

Choose the sings or letters that are:

  • Resistant to various weather conditions (rust, humidity and sun proof),
  • Bright, long-lasting colours,
  • Solid, durable materials,
  • Energy-efficiently lit with the LED lighting.

Why to partner up with LAZERTECHAS?

By partnering up with us, Lazertechas, you receive a 20+ years of experience in the field that helps us to:

  • understand your specific needs so we can custom tailor the product to you,
  • provide you with the high quality, durable and satisfactory final product,
  • provide you the largest variety of colours, materials and combinations,
  • offer you a cost-effective service on time,
  • provide you with the consultations, production, installation and maintenance throughout the whole collaboration time.

Let your new and current clients notice you from far away. Stand out from the crowd with the custom exterior signage and enjoy the long-lasting return.

Contact our team today and let’s have a productive conversation.