MDF painting

We are offering you and your business MDF painting service:

  • Wet MDF painting;
  • paint spraying;
  • varnishing;
  • mordant;
  • plastic painting.

MDF painting at Lazertechas will satisfy every customer needs as we are co-working with providers of only high quality paints, therefore we can ensure the quality of our service.

„Lazertecho“ naujiena – MDF detalių dažymas
MDF painting

We are also offering you wide selection of variety of colours because we are getting colours from RAL and NCS paletts. Only this way we can be sure to provide you an exact coulour that you are looking for.

We are always renewing our equipment, we are using only modern and the latest appliances. Also, our team consists of competitive employees who are professionals in their field – we want to make sure we are doing our job professionally and you are satisfied with our work for a long time.

We are always looking at every order with respect and curiosity, we listen to our client needs and anre trying our best to provide most satisfactory work possible. We will try hard to provide you not only the best results of our work, but also great customer service!


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