Focusing on technologies ensures leadership for „Lazertechas“

“Lazertechas“company sustains its position in the market of outdoor advertising production in Lithuania, also in Ireland, Latvia and Scandinavian countries. According to a company’s director Dainius Slavinskas, interest in new technologies, modernization of production bases and creative team helps to compete in a complicated advertising business.


Good manufacturing base

“With a good manufacturing base, we can realize our clients orders faster, cheaper and in higher quality, because we produce our items under one roof“, – says D. Slavinskas.

There is potential UV printing machine, laser engraving and cutting machine, automatic thermal bending machine and broadsheet solvent printing machine in company’s workshop. There only such variable “Lazertechas“ outdoor advertising production base in Lithuania allows to implement complicated technical assignments without custodians. Therefore, “Lazartechas” product prices are so attractive to customers. The company may also render a creative designer’s consultation.

We satisfy our clients

“Production of various stands, advertising signs and interior details requires more than one machine. Customer’s wishes and scopes are different. For example, after printing firm’s logo or text, usually still need to cut out sophisticated form of stand or sign. With all equipment necessary for advertising production, we can realize quickly all intensions“, – affirms director.

Unique orders do not scare the company

„Lazertechas“ didn’t experience recession during economic crisis. “We always have a lot of outdoor advertising orders”, – says D. Slavinskas. Recently “Lazartechas” realized ambitious customer’s orders: produced and installed luminous letters of 3 meters high for one enterprise, while for the other – 4,5 meters. “We have produced and 10 meters high luminous towers for filling stations. We always use advanced technologies while realizing advertising ideas. With UV printing machine and LED illumination, we manufacture very expressive and bright outdoor and indoor advertising installations.  On the other hand, demand of more conventional technologies – solvent and digital printing – remains. They can also be used for interesting and attractive design solutions“, – tells D. Slavinskas.

Basketball fans can see „Lazertechas“production in a new Kaunas Žalgiris arena. Installed luminous signboards are made in “Lazartechas” company’s workshop.

Production of this company can also be seen in restaurants and filling stations indoor interior. “Lazartechas” signboards and other products illuminates on Scandinavian hotels, bars and offices.

Outdoor advertising in… the kitchen!

Technologies can also be adapt in private accommodation interior, for example replacing images on kitchen furniture, walls or other surfaces.

The company insures the working process from various events while installing production.

With advanced and always up to date technical base, “Lazartechas” company is a leader in advertising, commerce and exposure equipment for more than a decade in Lithuania.