Prekybinis stendas
Shopping stand
Prekybinis stendas Oreo prekės ženklui
Shopping stand OREO
Prekybinis stendas Torres prekės ženklui
Shopping stand for TORRES
POP stand for biscuits
Prekybinis stendas Velykoms
Display stand for Easter
POP stendas
POP stand
POP stendas
Point of purchase stand for coffee
Prekybinis stendas Milka prekės ženklui
Shopping stand for Milka
Akį traukiantis stendas
Shopping stand
Plastic stand for shop
Shopping stand for oil
POP stand
Carefour C4 (1)
Super prezenty
IMG_0622 szero zone
Zero zone
IMG_0643 lavazza
LavAzza stand


Informative plastic promo holders are trading equipment allowing to spread information about quality, exceptionalness and benefit for user. Promo holders is one of the business development means, helping your business to be visible. 

Different technologies are applied in our company that help to implement various nonstandard projects. Thanks to these technologies, products of different design can be produced. Options of plastic colors ensure exceptionalness of the products, therefore your product becomes visible for the final users. Offered options of different colors allows us achieve great results.

Design of the promo holders is one of the most important elements that must catch attention. Professionals working in our company are making efforts to make advice and consult the clients, who wants to stand out in the market among other competitors. One of the strongest features of our personnel is carefully listening of client’s requests.

Different type promo (display) holders are produced in our company:

Demonstrative (menu) “L” shaped products of A4, A5, A6 format, made of organic glass, PVC, “Apet” plastic.

Promo holders of different sizes (A4, A5, A6) are designed for placement of information pieces, so they help to spread leaflets, magazines, catalogues…

Urns, holders of prices, stands with product description, different type boxes, trays, cylinders, urns for candies and confectionery, various steps for goods, shoe holders, voting boxes – all these are products our company are producing according to the demands and requests of each and every client.

There is equipment in our production base that allow to engrave our produced products, mark them with stickers, print directly on the products different incrustations, photo pictures, logotypes thanks to UV printers.

Contact us and we will implement your goals.