Why to consider island display stands

Have you ever thought about investing money in developing new, more professional look of your company that would provide a significant value and trust to your customer? Do you wish to be easily recognizable in a crowd?

What steps to take? Which form of representation to choose? What mistakes to avoid? This and much more will be covered in this article. Keep reading!

Grab customer’s attention

To be visible in today’s world is a tricky, yet possible achievement. Here are some dos for you to follow.

Use proper lights, slogans, sounds and visuals to attract your potential buyer. Some companies think it’s enough to have the best spot in the trade fair. In reality, you have to grab your customer’s eye contact for him to come to you. You can easily do this by investing money in a well-designed, modern, perfectly lit stand which will stand out of the crowd.

Shop island display stand from wood
Gift island display from paintend MDF

Be the centre of attention

You can never be guaranteed from which direction will your customer come – be visible from everywhere instead!

Use island display stands if you are in a wide area or an open space. Shopping malls are the best example to illustrate what we mean by wide area. Island display stands have many pros! Not only they are perfect to be spotted from everywhere and instantly provide information for a customer but also are highly visual and lead to purchases.

What to consider when choosing an island display stand

One of the most important factors which your company has to consider when picking up the island exhibition stand is to estimate the size of a space that you will have in a final stage.

Of course, consider what products are you most interested in displaying. Which ones are the most popular among buyers? Which are not that desirable but give you the biggest profit? Make sure you know what you have before coming to the actual manufacturer.

What is your main message that you want to transmit to your customer via your stand? What first impression you want to achieve? What is your tone of communication with a final buyer?

The more into details you go, the more brainstorming you do, the bigger chances are for you to take the most of that space in a shopping centre or a trade fair.

Simply do!

Better done than said, everybody says! Simply gather all your colleagues of your company, brainstorm ideas of what you want to achieve and leave a note for our team to get in touch with you very soon! 

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