What display stand to choose for jewelry exhibition?

Are you a jewelry seller who is unsatisfied by the income that is generated? Or maybe you are just about to start your own business of selling jewelry and you want to know mistakes to avoid in order to start successful sales. It doesn’t matter either of whom are you – in this article we will discuss the main aspects that are necessary for successful sales – shopping equipment, exhibition display stands, point of purchase stands, lightning, composition and many more. Keep reading!

Let your jewelry talk

When you are choosing what display stand to use to promote your goods – make sure to select a propriate stand for each size of jewelry. Put a simple, minimalistic jewelry on a small stand and vice versa. Esthetics is the key here. Let your jewelry talk about itself. Let your customer first notice a jewelry, not a stand. 

Of course, it’s important not to put many items in one, small place. Exhibit items further from each other, let them “breathe”. This will let your client notice the most beautiful jewelry you have. Thus, to buy it. So, don’t save the space – on the contrary, use as much as your exhibits need.

Choose a proper background

Do not match your jewelry with background on which it will be exhibited. Make it stand out. To do this, think about the main color of your sold items. Put your jewelry on a background with a contrasting color.

Silver, gold, diamonds and other germ stones look best on dark, pain, non-bright background. Clear and transparent jewelry looks best on the dark surface as well. Let your items be visible! 

Choose levels

Use all the levels of a display stand you have – put some jewelry on the ground, others – on the top. Play with height, to be clear. This is how you can be sure that all your goods will be noticeable at the single glance.

Pro tip – put the most popular, beautiful and expensive jewelry on the top, as neared to a person who will be watching as possible. This is the strategy to ensure that they will notice these particular items before noticing others. 

Don’t forget lights

Always choose a proper light for your display stand. Natural light that is in the shopping center is not enough to make your items stand out. Install additional light source inside the stand and rotate the light towards the jewelry. Thus, the items made from germ stones will sparkle and attract buyer’s attention. 

We really hope you will use our tips practically and thus will start or develop a successful sales path. Don’t forget to share your results with us, by tagging us #lazertechas in social media!

If you have any further questions, or want to order a shopping display stand, feel free to contact our team!

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