Is it easy to remember your brand?

Everyone wants their brand to be visible, attractive and easily rememberable. Who wouldn’t agree? However, barely anyone thinks about what steps are left to be taken to stick in potential client mind. So, that is the reason why we prepared you a 7-bullet-point cheat sheet what to consider if you want to be visible in nowadays vibrant and busy market. Thus, to generate increasing sales!

1. Is it easy to find and understand basic info about your company?

Usually basic information about the company is placed in the section “about us” in a website. That is the most popular place where your potential clients come once they open your website. The first impression really matters here. There you have to present your company in the most accurate, concrete, yet attractive and appealing way. Some “About us” pages to look at are “Yellow Leaf Hammocks”, “Eight-hour day”, “Apptopia” and a well-known brand “Nike” page. Take a look and borrow some amazing ideas!

2. Is your brand mission revealed?

Even though brand’s mission is usually described in “About us” page, it is still is important not to forget it. Notice, that huge corporations have their brand missions clearly stated in all their communication channels. Your client needs to know if he is a priority while having a deal with you or just another money-generating figure. That’s why brand’s mission helps to build a closer connection with clients and increase their trust as well as loyalty.

3. Do you use proper visuals?

Once you find the most suitable communication path to present your brand to a super visual society, only then you become recognizable in a crowd. That’s why you need to maker sure you use photos of your products and/or services a lot! Show what you have done, show people using your product, take pictures of their happy moments – communicate through photos first and words second!

4. Are you consistent with color palette in your communication?

We all know it’s hard to be consistent in all the communication channels, especially when it’s so easy to get convinced with pretty designs. Make sure you know colors that perfectly represent your business and come along well with your main business message. By doing this, an eye of a customer will easily catch your color which will associate with your brand in his memory. Keep this palette consistent in website, social networks, shops, POP stands and ads…

5. Is it easy to find your product?

If your client did not find where your product is placed within a minute, he will not continue his search. These days people expect to get what they want instantly. That’s why it must be a priority to place your goods in a perfectly visible stand. For this purpose, the best way to promote your products is a point-of-purchase (POP) display stand. Such eye-catching stand instantly grabs attention and convinces a shop visitor to buy.

6. Are you active on social media?

Nowadays, if you do not exist on LinkedIn or Facebook, you do not exist at all! Social media platforms are amazing tool to communicate with clients, listen to them, educate and engage them. Nevertheless, you are free of charge when you want to promote something in your account. Of course, there is an exceptional rule to consider – create only valuable and high-quality content. This way social media algorithms will share your content with as many people as possible.

7. Is your location clear?

Sometimes people tend to go to a physical location of a business rather than call you on phone or text via email. Human connection is a must, and you have to consider it. Be clear and precise in providing your business location – someone might check it and use directions! Make sure to have maps in your website and/or social media platforms up-to-date.

We really hope we were beneficial and provided you some ideas to consider and to apply to your own business. If you have any further questions, notices, or maybe you would like to represent/renew your brand via POP stand, or shop equipment – get in touch with our team or visit us.

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