Interactive POP stands – our future?

“Lazertechas” presents you freshly made, new product – luminous, interactive POP (point-of-purchase) stand which rotates 360 degrees and lights at the same time! These days users tend to interact more with those items that are exhibited in a modern way which requires actual human action while getting acquainted with them. This is exactly what we have offered to Poland market. We made a stand which will be used to exhibit gift cards in a unique and attractive way. We are sure that this is what nowadays society expects, because such stands lead to overall satisfying user experience. We have 5 reasons for you why such stand guarantees a pleasant user experience:

1. Can be placed in any size area

This stand is an amazing option to choose whether you have a small area to exhibit. This POP stand requires just a little of space, so you can be sure it will easily fit in every area you have.

2. Rotates 360 degrees

This stand has a unique feature – it can be rotated 360 degrees (and shine at the same time!). This means, you are not restricted to a single place, let’s say, a corner of a shop, to place it. All the sides are the pretty ones, so this way let’s your stan to be places anywhere you want.

3. Mobile

You will be able to easily change its location as this POP stand is super mobile. This is an amazing option if you want to test which place of a shop brings you more sells and thus, money. You won’t have to buy dozens of stands to put in different corners of a shop when you will be able to do it with one design.

4. Looking at items form any direction

I bet you know that feeling when one day you wanted to take an item from a shelf in a shopping center, but there was a guy standing in front of your item and staring at them for a while, so you couldn’t take what you came for… Our 

stand offers a solution to this unpleasant scenario! People will be able to come there form any direction and to reach the item they want. This is how a satisfying user experience is guaranteed.

5. Interactive – definition of our future

Users are more likely to trust those producers whose POP stands require their own interaction. This stand offers people an ability to rotate the stand, take products in their hands. While making this stand, we included a modern, well-looking light which attracts customers. This way, a shopper spends more time in interacting with your products than just looking at them placed on a regular shelf.

Our goal is to produce as pleasant user experience as possible for your customers. Interactivity is an aspect which every brand has to take into consideration. Be the first ones who guarantees amazing user experience and we will be more than happy to hear about your stunning sales results!

If you have any questions or you want to be the first ones who will assure exceptional user experience while having an interactive POP stand, contact our team and we will find a solution!

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