Indoor advertising: how to use it for your business?

We are sure you have already seen variety of indoor advertising, even if you have not paid significant attention to it. This type of advertising reaches us, consumers, in every public space we come to including both outdoors and indoors. In this article we will focus on indoor advertising used in business as well as we will cover its advantages. Read the article to find out.

What is indoor advertising?

Indoor advertising – advertising type when advertising messages and announcements about merchandises or services are published in a closed area, for example in supermarkets, coffees, toilets, bus stations, sport clubs, educational institutions etc.

Indoor advertising is rich in variety of possible usage and types. In our company, for example, we are providing interior advertising in such forms:

  • Promotional posters
  • Flyers
  • Decoration of shop-windows
  • Floor graphics
  • Promotional stands
  • Information table
  • Light boxes
  • Leaderboards
  • Other

Advantages of indoor advertising

In case you are still doubting whether this type of advertising is beneficial and suitable for your business, read then these advantages that will help you to find the answer.

Wide variety of choices

UV printing technology that prints directly on a surface is used to create indoor advertising. UV printing lets us print on both hard and flexible surfaces: laminate, glass, mirror, plastic, ceramics, plywood, wood, metal, stone, diverse cloth etc. We can also offer you wide format printing service, which allows us to print wide ads, used in both indoors and outdoors.

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Less maintenance

Specifically, indoor advertising requires less maintenance afterwards than, for instance, outdoor advertising. In outdoor advertising there are many weather conditions that might negatively affect your ad – snow, rain, sun and, especially, direct sun rays. When it comes to indoor advertising, these factors do not do major impact as inside a shop there is more or less stable temperature and humidity kept. This ensures that your ad will stay in high quality for a longer time.

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Is cheaper

In comparison with outdoor advertising, indoor advertising is cheaper. First, to print an ad that will be used inside, there are slightly different materials used than for outside. Second, ads used inside the shops are usually smaller size than the ones outside. Finally, you may not need to pay the rent of a space for an ad because a shop itself belongs to you (on the contrary, expenses for outdoor ads are rent + the ad itself).

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How to find the perfect solution for your business?

Technologies used in our company enable us to offer a full range of advertising services from the first hands. We are creating nonstandard projects, consulting, selecting materials and offering solutions for customers’ needs. So, if you have an idea of an ad, do not hesitate to contact our team members and therefore to find a perfect solution for an advertising of your business.


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