6 reasons why you should choose Lazertechas shopping equipment

For about 20 years we have been providing shopping equipment and non-standard advertising solutions services. Today we would like to share with you 6 amazing reasons why you should consider choosing our shopping equipment, which will undoubtedly raise the quality of your sales and will strengthen your brand image worldwide.

Only individual orders

We start to make shopping furniture only after we arrange all the details and deeply understand our client. This means, that you will not find any identical furniture at your competitor’s. We respect you and your services. Our goal is to help your company to sell your product by providing the most effective shopping display stands and/or shopping furniture.


We are producing non-standard shopping equipment, made from MDF, MDP, HPL, plywood, organic glass, veneer sheets and plastic. For production we use only the highest quality materials, which ensure safety, durability and easiness in mounting the furniture. We care that it would be satisfying user experience for your client to shop at your store.

Variety of choices

We provide huge variety of choices of shopping furniture for ones who are installing stores or warehouses:

  • commercial furniture,
  • shopping shelves,
  • desks,
  • display stands,
  • point-of-purchase stands.

We provide commercial shopping equipment for all kinds of services: clothes and shoes stores, sport equipment stores, audio-video and other specific stores, universal shopping points (such as gas stations, kiosks and more), cosmetics and perfumery stores, book stores, automobile service stores, household as well as building materials stores. Depending on your provided services we will find the best solution for your shopping equipment.

Good user experience

We produce shopping furniture understanding nowadays people’s shopping behavior and needs. Thus, we provide the most effective shopping equipment solutions. Our long-term experience helps us to foresee the tendencies that are about to come in the market and, by doing so, to provide only the functional, durable and desired shopping furniture that would help you to generate sales, and to provide satisfying user experience to your client.

Unique design and layout

We produce traditional shopping equipment as well as non-standard, unique dimensions, more difficult solutions required shopping furniture. We believe that even in a small shopping area it is possible to design effective, eye-catching and easy-to-use shopping equipment.

Advertising and printing

Why to search for multiple shopping equipment and printing service providers if you can get the final product in the single company! We will take care not only the production of shopping furniture, but also the final touches – typography and appearance – by using UV printing or other techniques. You will receive a final, ready to use product that will be ready to go straight to the shopping center or your store!


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If you have any further questions, want to consult or order some shopping equipment, we are looking forward to your message or call. We cannot wait to make your ideas come real!

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