5 UV printing advantages that you should know

What is UV printing?

UV printing is rapidly increasing its popularity as it is sustainable, durable and high-quality way of printing. Usually UV printing is used to make various indoor as well as outdoor advertising, for example: shopping center advertising letters on the top, images on walls in cafes, or various advertising indoor and outdoor posters.

UV printing is a technology that lets to print on hard and flexible surfaces: laminate, glass, mirror, plastic, ceramics, plywood, wood, metal, stone, diverse cloth etc.

How does UV printing work?

It is printing process directly on a desired surface (no matter flexible or hard). Ultra-violet lights instantly dry or cure ink that is sprayed on the surface. UV lights help to make an ink dry within seconds, thus ink does not splash, is not absorbed into the surface and does not mix with other colors around.

Advantages of UV printing

Big dimensions

This printing solution is suitable for both indoor and outdoor as we are able to print onto up to 2 m length and up to 5 cm thickness items. This lets various fields of businesses to use this technology – furniture and tools market, as well as advertising and/or interior design. All the ideas can be turned real!

Bright colors

UV printing and its instant drying technology lets us provide product that has bright and real colors, without a mixture or absorption to a surface. This ensures accurate, bright and high-quality final look. We can reach 1080 Dpi resolution.

Eco-friendly process

UV printing is an environmentally friendly process as there are no toxics, odors and heat released. In addition, the final product is sustainable and durable which makes this technology environmentally and people health friendly.

Speed and efficiency

For UV printing there is no need of preparation – it can be started printing just after receiving a file. Also, the product does not require any additional drying or other preparation for final using – it can be transported as soon as finished. We can print up to 40 square meters per hour.

Lower cost

In comparison with other printing abilities, UV printing has a lower final price. The process of printing is simpler, there is no need of laminating or other protective covering, it is easier to transport and mount (because of a scratch-resistance), as well as ability to use in both indoors and outdoors.

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